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Egerton Stephens Partners Executive Selection in partnership with organisations of all sizes and sectors offers a range of client based services.

When recruiting at a senior level, qualifications and experience are of course vital, but personality, charisma, flair and vision are even more so.

Finding the right senior person for your company requires a recruitment consultancy that will be sensitive to your needs and can empathise with your business philosophy; one that has intellectual rigour, and one that is prepared to invest the time and resources necessary to deliver the best solution for you. It calls for recruiters who know your sector inside out and who have unparalleled contacts with the elite pool of prospects capable of handling such critical roles in your organisation.

At Egerton Stephens Partners Executive Selection we work across a broad range of industries within the private and public sector to deliver our services throughout the UK and Europe.

Executive Search is a proactive approach that uses our marketing intelligence, and national network of high calibre professionals to identify the best candidates in an industry. From agreeing an Assignment Specification and a target list of companies, to the day a successful candidate commences employment, all our activities are carried out in total confidence for both the client and candidates.

Candidates undergo a thorough face to face interview aimed at establishing if they are suited to the role in question, the organisational culture and have the requisite attitude.

Candidate shortlists are provided and are accompanied by interview notes and behaviour profiling reports if required. This ensures our clients have maximum understanding of each candidate from their very first contact. Egerton Stephens Partners Executive Selection has the capacity to manage the entire recruitment process, from organising client interviews and assessment centres, through to negotiating job offers and a start date.




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