We recognise our obligation when placing temporaries with our clients, to assure ourselves, to the best of our ability, that they are suitable.
All prospective temporaries are thoroughly referenced and will not be put out to work without us having received at least one reference from the previous employer.
Wherever possible, Egerton Stephens Partners will apply for two references covering at least the previous 3 years employment.

When reference checking, we check out the facts and conduct individual assessments:


  • Dates of Employment
  • Title or Position


  • Honesty/integrity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Time Keeping
  • Attendance record
  • Conduct/behaviour
  • Job Competence
  • Attitude with colleagues
  • Appearance/grooming


As well as reference checks on temporaries who have not worked for us before, we have a record of the performance of our own, established temporaries. This is achieved by conducting assessments during the temporary’s assignment; our clients rate the temporaries on:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Understanding of instructions
  • Skill level
  • Accuracy
  • Attitude
  • Punctuality
  • Appearance
  • Overall suitability 


Egerton Stephens Consultants will visit each client to gain an understanding of their specific needs and requirements for temporary staff. The process is underpinned by a customised business needs questionnaire which establishes, in detail, the skills, experience, software packages and personality required of both temporary and permanent candidates.

Customised Skills Benchmarking
At your request, Egerton Stephens Consultants can visit you on-site to conduct skills testing on a ‘typical’ client employee. From this, we can establish the skills benchmarks which all temporary workers must meet for your business environment. Egerton Stephens Partners will then guarantee that our temporary  candidates will meet or exceed these pre-determined benchmark standards.

Customised Invoicing
Our flexible invoicing service allows for your record keeping requirements to be catered to. Egerton Stephens Partners can submit multiple timesheets, listing all temporaries currently working for the client (broken down by department, budget code or branch) in order to minimise your administration. Alternatively, invoices can be submitted in a consolidated format or customised to your requirements.

Salary and Marketing Surveys
Egerton Stephens Partners covers the UK Nationwide which enables us to conduct regular salary surveys. Our data is backed up by industry-led market research both by region and within specific industry sectors. We offer our clients a 6 monthly advisory service on current salary levels keeping you up to date on how your salaries relate to your local area and to your industry.

Free Outplacement Service
Egerton Stephens Partners have trained consultants who are available to support a client’s staff where redundancy or downsizing decisions have to be implemented. Egerton Stephens can co-ordinate advisory meetings at the client’s premises or within our offices. In addition, we are available to provide confidential counselling and interview technique training together with a full CV preparation service. 




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